• KOM-teatteri is a Helsinki-based medium-scale theatre company, which was founded in 1971 and is therefore one of the oldest Finnish theatre companies. KOM-teatteri has a dedicated and ever growing audience and is well known – even legendary – all over Finland. Its performances, aimed at adult audiences, reach some 25 000 spectators on a yearly basis.

    KOM-teatteri has strong experience in doing wide-spread and effective outreach work. The theatre’s outreach work is aimed mostly at young people and senior citizens, and reaches large groups of people throughout the year through workshops and other participatory means, taken into e.g. schools and homes for the elderly. The company consists of an artistic director, an ensemble of actors; light, sound and stage designers; technical, production, marketing and administrative staff.

    KOM-teatteri was born out of the need to influence society through drama, and to create quality performances, which are both artistically ambitious and versatile. The theatre’s mission is to make the world seem clearer. We at KOM believe that in a world that is ever polarising and where people’s feelings of hope or safety have been shaken to their very core, one needs places like KOM-teatteri, where you can gather together, as a community, to experience, to feel and think.

    Since its beginning, KOM-teatteri’s performances have toured around the world and it has produced several shows that have left a permanent mark in the recent Finnish theatre history. Through drama KOM-teatteri has always upheld the principles of freedom, fraternity and equality, creating performances about the ever changing society and also about the small individuals trapped and lost in this turmoil. KOM-teatteri is best known for offering contemporary Finnish drama to its audiences, but the company has also provided international classics, novel-based dramas, music theatre, comedy, tragedy and everything in between. Music has also always been an important part of the theatre’s artistic work. KOM-teatteri has produced quite a few concerts and released several albums.

    KOM-teatteri is always looking into the future but remembering
    its past. This is why the company is forever ready to renew and reshape, but never willing to give up on its values and principles.

  • KOM Lounge Theatre inside the Art Nouveau styled foyer is like a theatre laboratory created for new and brave contemporary theatre. It also serves as a stage in addition to the actual theatre space. The intimate KOM Lounge Theatre is easily modified to serve, for example, experimental theatre, discussion panels or even music theatre performances.

    All in all KOM-teatteri has some 15–20 permanent staff, as well as a varying amount of visiting artists (actors, directors and dramaturgs, set and costume designers, etc) and other temporary personnel, depending on the productions. The theatre has 284 seats and the KOM Lounge Theatre in the foyer has 50 seats.

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